Important Information


The school will be closed for an additional day's holiday on Friday 1st July due to the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday falling during the Summer half-term.


Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

Well done to all our Year 11 students on the wonderful results achieved for their GCSE exams. We wish them all the best for the future.

Please see our headlines below

  • 73% of students achieved a grade 4 [standard pass] or above in both English and Mathematics
  • 83% of students achieved a grade 4 [standard pass] or better in English
  • 78% of students achieved a grade 4 [standard pass] or better in Mathematics
  • English Baccalaureate Average Point Score is 4.21
  • Attainment 8 score is 49.07
  • Our Progress 8 score continues to be positive which places us in the above average category for schools nationally

Click here to view our Examination Results booklet 2021



Google Classroom


Last academic year, we introduced Google Classroom and this is now our platform for setting all remote learning for students. Google Classroom is a class-organisation platform used by tens of millions of students and teachers around the world. It incorporates Google's core G-Suite (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Drive, Calendar and other Google products).

Students can access everything they need for a class, including homework assignments, group projects, files, and even Google messaging system to communicate with the teacher or a member of staff.

How Google Classroom is used across the curriculum

Google Classroom is your child’s digital link to learning. Teachers use Google Classroom to share assignments, homework, coursework material and much more with students. Students will use their G-Suite accounts to complete assignments and receive feedback and communicate with their teachers.

During the current period of remote learning they will be able to engage in all lessons through Google Classroom.

Google Classroom offers benefits to students

Interaction with teachers and feedback - Each class and form group have a public stream for teachers to post announcements and a  private comment area for students to post questions and comments and receive answers from teachers. This gives teachers a very simple way to respond to student queries.

Access to resources - Students will be able to see additional resources on Google Classroom. This will support them in completing their assignments.

Assessment - Teachers use Google Classroom to set pre and post assignment quizzes. Students can see their grades immediately or after teachers review their answers.

Opportunities to engage with tutor activities - Students use Google Classroom to participate in PSHE activities, careers opportunities, reading and many other activities that help their progress both academically and socially; encouraging involvement, commitment, and high standards of work and behaviour.


For further information about Google Classroom, please click the links below:

Google Classroom