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Staff List 2017-2018

Teaching staff

Mr O Akif Assistant Principal: Performance Arts & Director of Sport
Mrs A Allen Co-Assistant Principal: Inclusion
Mr  M Barcoe History Teacher
Mr C Blackburn Subject Lead: English 
Mr A Bond Assistant SENCO
Ms G Boyle English Teacher
Mr A Britton English Teacher & Literacy Co-ordinator
Mrs E Bryan Assistant Principal: Creativity & Technologies & Director of Marketing
Ms J Buckley PE Teacher / Yr 8 RSL Team & Sport Primary Links
Ms J Callow Assistant Principal: Pure & Applied Sciences & Director of T & L
Miss H Carter English Teacher & KS4 Curriculum Co-ordinator
Ms T Casey Mathematics Teacher & Yr 10 Raising Standards Leader 
Miss A Cervero Fornes Modern Foreign Languages Teacher & KS4 Curriculum Co-ordinator
Mr P Chambers Science Teacher/ Yr 9 Raising Standards Leader
Ms E Charalambous Subject Lead: History
Ms A Charles Design & Technology Teacher
Mrs I Clarke Mathematics Teacher
Mr C Collins Subject Lead: Science
Mr S Connaughton Mathematics Teacher & Yr 10 RSL Team
Mrs D Cooper Geography Teacher & RSE Co-ordinator
Miss K Crowley Science Teacher
Ms L Cullina Subject Lead: Mathematics 
Mr J Curtis English Teacher & Yr 11 RSL Team
Ms A D'Auria English Teacher
Miss L Darby History Teacher / Yr 7 RSL Team & KS3 Co-ordinator
Mr G Davis Subject Lead: Geography
Ms E Devine PE Teacher & Health & Well Being
Mrs C Doherty Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
Miss L Donlon Subject Lead: Music
Mr M Donnelly Director of Gaelic Football & PE Teacher
Mr D Duddy ICT Teacher & E learning Co-ordinator
Ms C Duffy PE Teacher & Sport Outreach
Ms K Edwards Drama Teacher
Ms I Flamant Science Teacher & NQT Induction Tutor
Miss E Foster Mathematics Teacher & Yr 10 RSL Team
Miss C Gaffney Geography Teacher / KS3 Co-ordinator & Yr 7 RSL Team
Mr O Gately Science Teacher
Mr G Gentile Music Teacher
Ms C Gidaszewski Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
Miss A Gregory Subject Lead D & T
Mr D Griffiths English & History Teacher & E & C LZ Co-ordinator
Mr A Grogan Mathematics Teacher & Behaviour Lead
Mrs L Hatton Subject Lead: Dance
Mrs A Henderson Assistant Principal: English & Communications & Director of T & L
Ms M Hepburn English Teacher & Behaviour Lead
Ms C Hession Science Teacher & Curriculum Co-ordinator
Mr A Innocent Subject Lead PE & Yr 8 Raising Standards Leader 
Miss A Irish Religious Studies Teacher / KS3 Co-ordinator & Yr 7 RSL Team
Mr L Jonjo Mathematics Teacher & KS3 Co-ordinator
Ms K Joyce Science Teacher & Yr 9 Raising Standards Leader
Miss T Kelleher Science Teacher & Curriculum Co-ordinator
Miss M Kerr Science Teacher & Professional Tutor
Ms A Kinnerk English Teacher & KS3 Curriculum Co-ordinator
Mr J Kirby English Teacher & Yr 11 Raising Standards Leader 
Mr H Kwabi PE Teacher
Mr S Lavery Design & Technology Teacher
Mrs H Loten Assistant SENCO
Ms D Maestri Assistant Principal: Religion & Society
Miss T Mallon Doyle  Geography Teacher
Miss S Malone Principal
Miss K Maiorano MFL Teacher
Ms L Martin Specific Learning Difficulties Teacher
Miss V Martinez Gea Modern Foreign Languages Teacher & KS3 Curriculum Co-ordinator
Ms K Maynard Religious Studies Teacher & KS4 Co-ordinator
Mrs J McCabe (Sandhu) ICT Teacher & Raising Standards Leader
Ms J McKenna English Teacher
Miss C McNamara Religious Studies Teacher & Yr 7 Raising Standards Leader
Mr T McTiernan Design & Technology Teacher
Mr J Meade PE Teacher
Ms B Monaghan Religious Studies Teacher & Business Studies Teacher
Mr B Murphy Religious Studies Teacher & Business Studies Teacher
Mr A Namiq ICT Teacher
Mr C O'Carroll Mathematics Teacher
Mr S O'Connell Subject Lead: Religious Studies
Mr P O'Donoghue PE Teacher / G & T Sport & Yr 8 RSL Team
Mrs O Ogunyemi Mathematics Teacher & Yr 10 RSL Team
Miss K Owens Science Teacher
Ms P Pierce Religious Studies Teacher
Ms K Pooley Geography & History Teacher & Yr 7 Raising Standards Leader
Ms K President PE Teacher
Mr G Sidwell Assistant Principal: Inclusion
Ms N Sivadasan English Teacher
Ms K Smith Subject Lead: Art & Design
Mr B Smyth Assistant Principal: Mathematics & Commerce & Closing the Gap Leader
Miss K Spurling Assistant Principal: Data & Systems
Miss C-M Stanley Mathematics Teacher
Ms J Stevenson Director of Enterprise
Miss S Stone PE Teacher / KS3 Co-ordinator & Yr 8 RSL Team
Miss C Till Subject Lead: Modern Foreign Languages
Miss R Thomas Drama Teacher
Mr D Tsatsanis Mathematics Teacher & KS4 Co-ordinator
Ms E Tudor Vice Principal: Teaching & Learning & Curriculum
Mr D Vardoulakis ICT Teacher
Ms N Vassilieva Art & Design Teacher
Mrs M Wakeford History Teacher
Mr J White PE Teacher and Vocational Course Co-ordinator
Mrs L Willis Co-Assistant Principal: Pure & Applied Sciences
Ms A Winstanley English Teacher & EAL Co-ordinator

Learning/administration support staff

Miss H Aqua-Smith Clerical Assistant
Mrs L Archer Principal’s PA 
Miss B Assi Inclusion Co-ordinator
Mr S Campbell Teaching Assistant
Ms S Cogan Teaching Assistant
Mrs G Cole Science Technician
Mrs N Critchfield Teaching Assistant
Mr G Eldridge Teaching Assistant
Mr H Francis Learning Mentor
Mrs G Gotts Attendance Officer
Miss C Gould Teaching Assistant
Mr A Gronek Network Manager & Sound Engineer
Mrs B Hardy SEND Administrator
Ms V Jahans School Attendance Advisory Officer
Mrs M Lawson Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Lazenby Learning Mentor
Mr S Lingwood Teaching Assistant
Ms W Lopez Valbuena Language Assistant
Mr R Mayne Learning Mentor
Miss K McGuinness Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Nicholas Lead Learning Mentor
Mrs T O’Farrell Teaching Assistant
Miss J Panesar Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Peace Teaching Assistant
Ms L Perera Teaching Assistant
Mr R Pinkerton Teaching Assistant
Mr C Rooney Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Sabini Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Sansom Teaching Assistant
Miss T Sansom Administrative Assistant
Mrs D Scott Teaching Assistant
Ms S Sherlock School Business Manager
Mrs P Simper Curriculum Support.  MRO Officer
Mrs L Singleton Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Stapley Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Starbuck Teaching Assistant
Miss C Swain Librarian & Exams / Data Assistant
Mrs P Sweeney Clerical Assistant
Mrs K Taylor Clerical Assistant
Mr R Tettey Lay Chaplin
Ms K Thompson Teaching Assistant
Mrs G Vaughan Clerical Assistant
Mr J Weston Sports Assistant
Ms L Way Human Resources Officer
Mrs D Webb Learning Mentor
Mrs L Wood Senior Admin Officer (SAO)

Housekeeping staff

Miss E Adams Housekeeper
Ms M Brown Housekeeper
Ms S Cottham Housekeeper & Site Supervisor
Mr K Curtis Assistant Premises Manager
Mr M Curtis Gardener
Mr L Grant Housekeeper & Site Supervisor
Mr T Grant Premises Manager
Mrs J Jones Housekeeper
Mr C Kong Housekeeper & Site Supervisor
Miss S Lockhart Housekeeper & Site Supervisor
Mrs C Lucas Housekeeper
Miss C Lynch Housekeeper
Ms L Marshall Housekeeper
Mrs T Simmons Housekeeper

Restaurant staff

Mrs J Buckingham Restaurant Team
Mrs R Duru Restaurant Team
Ms S Jones Restaurant Team
Mrs J Khetia Kitchen Assistant
Mr L Knowles Executive Chef
Mrs J McGinn Kitchen Assistant
Ms S Mwanza Midday Supervisor
Mrs A Pattenden Restaurant Manager
Mr M Szuwarski Sous Chef
Mr B Tampo Kitchen Assistant