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Black Lives Matter Statement - June 2020 




 'You have been told what the Lord wants of you. Only this, to do what is right, to love justice and to walk humbly with your God’ Micah 6:8

Students on retreat at Whitstable


Role of the Chaplaincy Team                                                                                                                                

  • The dignity of the human person and Gospel values of compassion, justice, peace and reconciliation are at the heart of all we do at St. Paul’s Academy. 
  • The purpose of the Chaplaincy Team is to support the spiritual and pastoral life of students and staff. 
  • The Chaplaincy Team works to support the staff in their ministry to students, and to support the students in their own personal development.


The Chapel


The Chapel provides a prayer space open to students and staff alike. Students are encouraged to use the Chapel for personal prayer or to meet with a member of the Chaplaincy Team. The Chapel provides a meeting place for the Youth SVP, the Justice and Peace Group and for family groups supported by the Inclusion Learning Zone. Prayer workshops run for Year 7s and  Religious Studies Groups help students to feel at home in the Chapel.








The Prayer Life of the Academy

 chaplain_4The Chaplain provides user-friendly reflection resources for tutor time; these can be led by a student, or by the tutor. Daily Collective Acts of Worship occur at the beginning and end of the school day during tutor time and during whole year Assemblies. These enable our students to hear the Scriptures and to pray for our world. Assemblies are rooted in Catholic Social Teaching and social justice themes including CAFOD.

Assemblies, tutor time prayer, voluntary Mass, the journey through Advent, and Lent, and especially the marking of the great Christian feasts all follow the Christian calendar shaped by the confines of the school year. On our Feast day in June, we celebrate St. Paul’s life and how Paul was transformed by an encounter with the risen Christ.  Prayer also marks important events, in the world faiths calendar.

Students have the opportunity to make residential retreat, and to engage in personal reflection. During Advent and Lent, we encourage our students to follow the CAFOD Advent and Lenten Calendars to give them a wider world perspective and we encourage them to use the Academy’s scripture calendar for their personal spiritual journey through these important seasons.





Faith in Action


The Academy staff and students work tirelessly for social justice, not only by raising awareness of issues but also by raising much needed funds. Since the birth of the Academy, students have raised in excess of £215,000 for local, national and international good causes.  Our students visit residents in a local care home, collect for the local food bank, provide a community Carol service alongside our neighbouring primary school,  are  involved in local environmental projects, and much more. Giving pastoral support to students and their families. The Chaplaincy Team provide pastoral support to students and their families during times of loss and bereavement. The wider Inclusion Team also work with students and their families to support their educational and pastoral wellbeing. Welcoming community. St Paul’s Academy is a welcoming community, reflecting the teaching of our patron saint ‘all are one in Christ’ and ‘though we are many we are one body’. As a community, we seek to celebrate our students’ gifts and enhance their aspirations, so that they may grow into uniquely authentic people who love themselves and their neighbours equally and exercise good stewardship in all areas of their lives.







chaplain_6St. Paul’s Academy Prayer                                        

May we make St. Paul’s a community of welcome, where each person is recognised and valued.

May we encourage a lifelong search toward truth.

May we heed God’s call to be justice makers and invite each person to become all that they might be.


Mosaic of the Life of St. Paul






chaplaincy_7St. Paul’s Academy End of Day Prayer

Gracious God,                                                                                               

We thank you for the blessings of this day and for all we have achieved together.

Help us put right any unkind word or deed so that we may be at peace with one another.

Bless and protect us as we travel home this evening, and as the night draws in grant us rest and renewal, so that we may be pilgrims again, with you tomorrow.                                                                                        


Mosaic of Christ the New Covenant
















‘ALL ARE ONE IN CHRIST’ and ‘FAITH, HOPE and LOVE’ are Pauline quotes made up of hands
and hearts decorated by students and staff