2020 GCSE Prep Timetable 

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Careers Information, Advice and Guidance


We have a fully qualified, impartial Careers Adviser with over 25 years experience linked to St Paul’s Academy, Mrs Vicki Banbrook. She has been linked to the Academy since 2008 and is available in school most Thursdays and Fridays.

Work with Year 11

Most of Vicki’s work each year is with Year 11 pupils and she begins her work in September by attending a Year 11 assembly where she introduces herself to the pupils and this is followed by a talk on the careers interview system at school and all Post 16 Options. She then visits the nine tutor groups in turn and gives a more in depth presentation focusing on the Post 16 Options – college, sixth form and apprenticeships. The presentation includes information and advice on applying for these options.

Most of Vicki’s time throughout the year will be spent interviewing year 11 pupils as 100% of pupils will be offered a careers interview. Follow-up interviews are available as needed. The interview is informal, confidential and impartial. The Careers Adviser’s main role is to provide information, advice and guidance (IAG) when discussing the future plans of the pupils with them on an individual basis or in small groups. The interviews may centre on the options of sixth forms and colleges, training and apprenticeships or job opportunities. During the careers interview the Adviser and the pupil may discuss the individual’s interests, skills, personal qualities, strengths, weaknesses and the pupil’s future goals, followed by the actions required to help achieve the goals. The Careers Adviser may also signpost pupils to useful resources and sources of information which will help them to make informed decisions. At the end of each interview an action plan outlining the pupil’s plan is produced for the pupil to take home. Pupils will often be given information leaflets at the end of their interview e.g. details of sixth forms and colleges, information on open days, information sheets giving advice on seeking apprenticeships and training, university information, careers leaflets on particular jobs e.g. engineer, nurse etc.

The Adviser can also give advice and information on the completion of application forms, CVs and covering letters, interview techniques and job seeking, amongst other topics.

In the spring term Vicki the school’s Careers Leader will deliver a session for those whose first choice Post 16 Option is an Apprenticeship and if possible a visit to an Apprenticeship Fair may be arranged.

If a pupil really does not have any ideas at all about future or eventual job plans it may be useful for the pupil to use a careers quiz called the Skills Health Check which can be found at, the quiz can provide job ideas for the pupil to investigate. This website also provides detailed careers information about many different types of jobs, use the job group section. There is also a similar excellent Careers Package that the school has recently purchased called Eclips,, a login is required for access, please contact Vicki or the appropriate Year 11 Tutor for the login code. Additionally, will provide information on sixth form and college courses throughout London and is useful for university research.


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The Careers Adviser will also inform the school of any relevant careers events for pupils, apprenticeship fairs and careers conferences for teachers and staff. She will also attend the Year 11 Parents Evening where she will be available to provide information, advice and guidance to both pupils and parents as required.

Vicki along with many other members of staff will normally be available on GCSE Results Day should any help be required by pupils and parents.

Work with other Year Groups includes the following:-

The school’s Careers Leader and the Inclusion department in the school plus other staff members will occasionally refer to the Careers Adviser any pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 who are considered to be most in need of an IAG interview. An interview will be arranged for these pupils.

In the summer term careers interviews for many Year 10 pupils who are identified by the school as needing extra help and support will take place. Vicki will also give a presentation to each Year 10 tutor group during this term about Post 16 Options, courses and apprenticeships available and it also includes an explanation of the different levels of courses/apprenticeships. If requested by the school Vicki will also attend the Year 10 Parents Evening.

The Adviser will attend the Year 8 Parents/Pathways Evening so that she can support any pupils and parents who require careers information, advice and guidance at that time.

She is also available to interview Year 9 and 10 pupils who have a statement of special needs/EHC Plan often with parents in attendance. The parents will be provided with a relevant careers pack.

Various careers books and careers information booklets and leaflets plus master copies of college and sixth form prospectuses can be found in careers section of the school library.

The school now has a Careers Leader as well as a Careers Adviser and they are working together to create a new set of Careers Education Lessons for each year group and a Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance Programme which will permeate the whole school, so exciting times ahead.

Vicki Banbrook – Careers Adviser

January 2019

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